Thank you for purchasing one of our taxidermy mounts!

To make sure that your specimen lasts a lifetime we would suggest the following:

  • Avoid putting it in direct sunlight or somewhere with a draft
  • Keep it in a controlled environment, where temperature and humidity fluctuations are not extreme. A green house f.ex. is not a great spot for your taxidermy
  • Taxidermy specimens don't like to be touched or stroked as this will deteriorate their quality and make them lose their natural colours or sheen
  • Moths can wreck your taxidermy: If you recognize loose feathers or bald patches, put your mount in a plastic bag, close it and put it in the freezer for several days to kill off the moth larvae. Alternatively, you can doom the inside of the bag, close it and leave it for several days. If you have an existing moth problem in your house, carefully put half a mothball underneath each wing as a preventative measure. In any case, please regularly check on your mounts
  • If your mount becomes dusty or flour falls out of the fur/feathers (we tumble dry them in maize meal), brush it off with a soft make up brush
  • Last but not least: Keep a safe distance between your taxidermy specimen and your kitten or puppy! :)

Enjoy your taxidermy!